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11 Learning Skills Programme

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Ms S. Gunput

This course is designed to support students to develop the skills and personality traits needed to reach success - both in school and beyond. 

Students will develop a wide range of skills related to the school values: Compassion, Community, Curiosity and Courage. Through these values, they will engage with tasks that develop their reading, writing, listening and speaking skills

Students will develop important skills such as organisation, managing stress, career exploration, developing and understanding growth mindset, communication skills and positive learning habits.

In this course students will explore getting to know themselves as  learners, working with others to plan an event that engages with the community, reflecting and responding to things that they have read, listened to or viewed. 

In the Learning Skills programme, students are also supported with

  • Completion of assessments that need additional time
  • Completion of portfolio or long-term projects with subject teacher guidance
  • Resubmissions – with subject teacher guidance
  • Reading texts and vocabulary comprehension

Course Overview

Term 1
Knowing myself as a learner.

Term 2
Developing growth mindset and positive learning habits. Matariki community event.

Term 3
Organisation and Career Pathways

Term 4
Class community project.

Recommended Prior Learning


Assessment Information

Students will successfully complete the assessments being offered within class time.


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