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11 Economics

Although next year timetables are yet to be finalised, course selection is now finished. Any changes to student courses will now take place in January.

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr M. Tasneem

This course is designed to develop a broad understanding of how individuals and groups:

  • choose to satisfy their wants by the allocation and management of resources in the context of the New Zealand economy
  • interact as consumers and producers in the market and the New Zealand economy.

The course of study consists of:

  • the role of producers in the economy and the effects on their output decisions (with the possibility of a trip to a factory to observe their production process)
  • the role of consumers in the economy and the influences on their demand (consumer choices, using scarcity and/or demand)
  • the interaction which occurs between producers and consumers in the markets and the New Zealand economy, including the role of the government
  • how a significant cultural or sporting event affects the New Zealand economy
  • the effect of current events on the New Zealand economy.
  • topical issues affecting NZ as well as the global economy.

Course Costs and Equipment/ Stationery requirements

We strongly recommend the purchase of an Economics workbook as a learning enhancement for around $30.

Field trips such as factory visits are used to enhance the learning for certain economic concepts. These field visits are voluntary but highly recommended. Costs vary.

Description Type Value
Level 1 Economics Workbook Voluntary $30.00
Factory Visit Voluntary $20.00


Level 2 and 3 Economics, tertiary degree courses at University or Polytechnic.

Credit Information

Total Credits Available: 5 credits.
Internally Assessed Credits: 5 credits.

Internal or
L1 Literacy Credits
UE Literacy Credits
Numeracy Credits
A.S. 90984 v3
Economics 1.2 - Demonstrate understanding of decisions a producer makes about production
Level: 1
Internal or External: Internal
Credits: 5
Level 1 Literacy Credits: Y
University Entrance Literacy Credits: 0
Numeracy Credits: 0
Credit Summary
Total Credits: 5
Total Level 1 Literacy Credits: 5
Total University Entrance Literacy Credits: 0
Total Numeracy Credits: 0


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