9 English for Speakers of Other Languages

Although next year timetables are yet to be finalised, course selection is now finished. Any changes to student courses will now take place in January.

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mrs M. Loh

If your English tests indicate you are having difficulties understanding English you will be required to take this course (9ESL) or you may be placed in the foundation class (9ESF) for more intensive English study.

This course is designed for students from a non-English speaking background. You will build on your English language learning for school subjects, community use and for communication with your classmates. The units of work will cover all areas of the English syllabus: reading and writing; speaking and listening; presenting and viewing. Taking ESOL will help you succeed in the rest of your subjects.

Course Overview

Term 1
The programme is a topics-based language course which focusses on Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing skills with an emphasis on grammar and vocabulary.
Short Stories
Introduction to poetry
Creative Writing

Term 2
Novel study

Term 3
Close Reading
Analyzing texts

Term 4
Film Study

Course Costs and Equipment/ Stationery requirements

Vocabulary Workbook: The Second Thousand Wordlist’ by Annette Watkins.
Cost: $35.00

Assessment Information

The following assessments will enable teachers to grade students' English Language Learning Progression and determine their proficiency levels:
End of topic tests including Reading and Writing assessments
Vocabulary Tests
Grammar Tests
Reading Plus engagement
Tense Buster engagement
Year 9 Common Test for placement (Term 3)

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We aim to enable every student to have the course that they prefer, however, some courses have limited places or pre-requisits that may restrict the student's choice.