10 Learning Competencies

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Ms A. Gill

10 Learning Competencies (10LCT) Kaupapa

This course is provided for students who need additional assistance with reading and writing skills and need to build increased confidence in their learning abilities so that they are more agentic across all curriculum areas. Learning competencies are interwoven into course delivery to support the development of a variety of literacy skills. Students are selected for the programme by teachers and Deans, and parents are notified.

 A range of topical social issues and cross curricular interests are explored by students to provide an opportunity to develop their learning competencies:

  • Students collaborate with others in discussions to build their reasoning, curiosity and oral skills.
  • A range of vocabulary exercises are delivered to develop students' understanding and use of language to create meaning.
  • A range of young adult texts are offered to encourage students to be curious about others' viewpoints and to empathise.
  • Fun hands-on learning games to encourage creative, interpersonal and community skills.

The five learning competencies that drive NCEA's secondary curriculum are: Using language, symbols and texts, Relating to others, Managing self, Participating and contributing, and Thinking.


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