11 Philosophy

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Dr C. Gavin

Recommended Prior Learning

None, however Year 9 or Year 10 philosophy is beneficial.

The year 11 Philosophy Course aims to foster students’ independent thinking through a variety of interactive tasks that promote breadth and depth of argument when conceptualising their ideas.


  • Mature collaborative discussion

  • Evaluating alternative viewpoints

  • Analyse and construct arguments

  • Explicit development of specific critical thinking skills

  • Exploring students' own creative thinking

 Topics Covered

  • Critical thinking and Metacognition

  • History of Ideas

  • Challenges to Ethical Theories

  • Ethics of War and Punishment

  • Comparison of key belief systems in Religions

  • Psychology and Human Behaviour

Students will have the opportunity to take a leadership role in the EGGS Philosophy day facilitating activities and discussions.

Future areas of interest and study: Philosophy is the ultimate "transferable work skill." With its emphasis on reason and argumentation, philosophy is an excellent preparation for a career in law, religion, business, international diplomacy, social work, medical management or writing as well as post-graduate education.

Course Overview

Term 1
1. Critical Thinking Skills - logic, argumentation and metacognition tools.
2. History of Ideas - big ideas through the ages

Term 2
1. Ethical Theories and Beliefs - challenges for key ethical beliefs
2. Applied Ethics - ethics of war and punishment

Term 3
1. Key beliefs of Religions -Exploring a variety of religions and reasons for beliefs.
Optional NCEA standard

Term 4
1. Psychology and human behaviour - Psychology experiments, Philosophy Day, Artificial Intelligence and Censorship.

Learning Areas:

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Pathway Tags

Religion, Business, International Diplomacy, Social Work, Medical Management, Writing, Post-graduate Education

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