12 Latin

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Teacher in Charge: Ms P. Wright

Recommended Prior Learning

Year 11 Latin.

This year you will continue to consolidate and extend your knowledge of the Latin language while you also develop your appreciation of authentic Latin literature. 

After completing Year 11 you have already studied most of the big grammatical concepts so you can concentrate more on reading authentic texts written by the Romans and on improving your translation and comprehension skills. This year you will deepen your understanding of Roman poetry and of Roman perspectives on their world.

In 2023 you will study 2 substantial literary texts. The first texts we will read are the love poems written by the poet Catullus about his mistress Lesbia (above, with her pet sparrow!). Your first internal assessment about Roman attitudes will be based on this poetry. Then we will turn to Book 6 of the Aeneid, an epic poem by the most revered of the Roman poets, Virgil. In this Book the hero Aeneas, guided by the Sibyl, descends to the Underworld where the dead reside and where he meets several characters from his past and is shown the glorious future in store for Rome.

Students who choose to study Latin in Year 12 in 2023 may continue with a full NCEA programme into Year 13. This course will run dependent on numbers.

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13 Latin

Latin can be studied for its own enjoyment and intellectual rigour. It carries on to Year 13 as well as university and complements the study of Classical Studies. Latin is also helpful for the study of English, History and foreign languages, as well as for any career which requires analytical and intellectual thinking such as law, journalism, public relations, advertising and marketing.

Career Pathways

Architect, Historian, Barrister, Author, Journalist, Solicitor, Curator, Librarian, Secondary School Teacher, Tour Guide

Course Costs and Equipment/ Stationery requirements

Highly recommended: $23 Education Perfect (one payment for all languages)

Description Type Value
Education Perfect Voluntary $20.00

Pathway Tags

Journalism, Public Relations, Advertising, Marketing, Foreign Affairs, Teaching, Archaeology, Librarianship, Gallery or Museum Curation, Translation

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