12 Music

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Ms V. Le Cren

Recommended Prior Learning

11 MUS  or with approval from HOD Music.

The ability to read music easily.

Having lessons on an instrument or in voice - two to three years experience.

This Music course is underpinned by the four arts strands:

  • Understanding the arts in context
  • Developing practical knowledge in the arts
  • Developing ideas in the arts
  • Communicating and interpreting in the arts

These strands identify the skills, knowledge, and understandings that students develop through learning in the arts and are intertwined.

12 Music gives students an opportunity to build on the foundations of the 11MUS course. Students will work individually and collaboratively to create, interpret and represent music ideas. They will continue to develop literacies in music and communicate musically with increasing sophistication.

The objectives of the course are that students will:

  • be empowered to develop theoretical and practical skills and knowledge and actively make connections between them.
  • plan and perform their own music and the music of others, in an individual capacity or in groups
  • compose music
  • show understanding of music by identifying, describing, analysing and classifying music in different contexts

Learning Areas:

The Arts

Assessment Policy & Procedures

13 Music

Year 13 music, University and Polytech courses, out-of-school music groups, professional musician, TV, media, advertising, arts management, teaching, rock-bands.