13 Accounting

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr R. Shankar

Objectives: To promote knowledge and understanding of accounting as a financial language for partnerships and companies that may be service, trading or manufacturing businesses.

Course Content:

  • Process financial information for partnerships and/or companies
  • Process financial information for a manufacturing job-cost subsystem
  • Report financial information for partnerships and/or companies
  • Prepare a report which analyses and interprets a company’s financial report for external users
  • Explain and prepare information for management decision making.

Future Areas of interest and study:
Commerce and Business degrees at Universities and Polytechnics, chartered accountants, auditing, data processing services, taxation services, management, general business/administration work, teaching, marketing, banking.

Learning Areas:

Social Sciences

Assessment Policy & Procedures
Course Costs and Equipment/ Stationery requirements

We strongly recommend the purchase of an Accounting workbook as a learning enhancement for around $40.

Pathway Tags

Commerce and Business Degrees at University and Polytech, Auditing, Taxation, Management, Business Administration, Marketing, Banking, Teaching, Finance, Actuary

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