13 Business Enterprise & Legal Studies

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mrs S. St Clair

This course will focus on developing students understanding of the New Zealand Legal system. It will cover concepts of law and concepts of justice within the New Zealand Legal System. In addition, students will consider the impact of external factors on personal finances and learn about personal financial management. As part of this course students have the option to participate in the Young Enterprise Scheme and 9 credit Business Studies A.S. 91384. This involves setting up a real business within the school environment. It covers the key requirements of running a business and students will take directorship of a company with an aim of developing an innovative and sustainable business activity. A.S. 91384 will only be taught if there are enough students who are committed to participating in this standard as it requires a commitment to work in groups for the whole year.

Other topics include:

  • Concepts of law, including case studies on Human Rights Act, Crimes Act and Law of Contracts
  • Concepts of justice applied to specific situation, including specific New Zealand case studies
  • Evaluating the principles of Restorative and Retributive justice, including New Zealand case studies
  • Personal financial management
  • Understanding external factors that impact personal finances
  • Managerial skills including leading, planning, organising and controlling
  • Components of good management practice including business ethics and sustainability

Future Areas of interest and study:

This course provides a broad introduction to some of the necessary business skills and information on the New Zealand legal system applicable to all careers and tertiary study.

Note: This course is NOT approved for University Entrance.

Learning Areas:

Social Sciences

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