13 Business Studies

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Miss L. Smith

This course is designed to consider how businesses operate in a global environment. Students will develop their understanding of business theory and will apply that theory through investigations into human resource and marketing issues. Issues of sustainability, enterprise and globalisation are important to businesses and are examined as part of the course along with a number of other internal and external factors relevant to business success and decision making. 

This course relates business theory to real world examples which show how dynamic the world of business and commerce is and how successful many New Zealand businesses are in the global marketplace.

Content includes:

  • Investigating Human Resource issues and their impact on New Zealand businesses.
  • Developing a marketing plan involving SMART goals, SWOT analysis and contingency plans
  • Exploring the role of management and employees in businesses that operate in a global context
  • Exploring how businesses respond to internal factors and factors outside of their control
  • A look at the real business world through NZ business case studies

Supports future study in the following areas:
Business, marketing, commerce and communication degrees, careers in business, marketing and human relations, international business and agribusiness.

Course Costs and Equipment/ Stationery requirements

We strongly recommend the purchase of L3 Internal Business Factors Learning Workbook as a learning enhancement for around $15.00.

Recommended Prior Learning


Credit Information

This course is eligible for subject endorsement.

This course is approved for University Entrance.

Internal or
L1 Literacy Credits UE Literacy Credits Numeracy Credits
A.S. 91379 v2 Business Studies 3.1 - Demonstrate understanding of how internal factors interact within a business that operates in a global context
4r,4w *
A.S. 91382 v2 Business Studies 3.4 - Develop a marketing plan for a new or existing product
6r *
A.S. 91869 v1 Agribusiness 3.8 - Analyse future proofing strategies to ensure long term viability of a business
4r *
A.S. 91871 v1 Agribusiness 3.10 - Analyse how a product meets market needs through innovation in the value chain
4r *
Total Credits
Approved subject for University Entrance

Number of credits that can be used for overall endorsement: 18

* Only students engaged in learning and achievement derived from Te Marautanga o Aotearoa are eligible to be awarded these subjects as part of the requirement for 14 credits in each of three subjects.

Total Credits Available: 18 credits.
Externally Assessed Credits: 4 credits.
Internally Assessed Credits: 14 credits.

Pathway Tags

Business Degree, Marketing Degree, Commerce Degree, Business, Marketing, Human Relations, International business, Agribusiness

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