13 Design & Visual Communication A

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Ms M. Dunsmore

This course is an accelerated course for students who have not completed either 11DVC or 12DVC. The aim will be for students to be assessed using level 3 standards, but students may be assessed against level 2 standards if their work does not meet level 3 requirements.

Design and Visual Communication helps students to acquire the visual and design thinking skills used in fields of design such as Architecture, Engineering, Industrial Design and Spatial Design. 

Students will complete design projects that require them to develop high quality solutions to real problems. Work from the projects completed during the year can be used in portfolios that are needed for entrance to tertiary courses such as Architecture and Design degrees.

Course content: Students will complete 2 projects during the year including:

  • Product Design: Students will use inspiration from a designer to explore and develop a product for making coffee.
  • Architecture: Students will develop a design for the Morningside Train Station.

Learning Areas:


Assessment Policy & Procedures