13 English (Foundation)

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Ms A. Gill

Recommended Prior Learning

12ENF, or referral by teacher/dean

The English Foundation course is a supported programme to foster students' critical and creative thinking about language and literature. It is predominantly internally assessed with only one standard being an external examination. The writing standard lies at the heart of the course and is an opportunity for students to refine their writing skills to create fluent arguments and deliberate effects for a range of purposes at Level 2 or Level 3. Students are encouraged to independently select texts for the Making Connections standard to explore how meaning  is created through visual and/or written language and evaluate how the experience of being human is communicated across four texts. There are two opportunities to deliver an oral presentation, one on the independent film study and another on the Making Connections report if a prior attempt was not made or was unsuccessful. Collaborative, empathetic and interpersonal skills are also developed through discussions and learning activities which are of value across the curriculum and in career pathways.

This course is made of predominantly Level 3 English standards, but some students will be working at Level 2, depending on progress in the previous year’s English study.

Four of the five achievement standards on offer in this course are internally assessed and therefore, it is important that students regularly attend classes to have continuity in learning and experience success.

Course Overview

Term 1
Introduction to critical evaluation of texts
Short Text Study and Writing Portfolio draft exercise
Close Viewing of an independently selected short or feature film (3.9)
Opportunity to deliver an oral presentation on film study (3.5)

Term 2
Writing Portfolio draft exercises
Making Connections Standard (3.7)
Opportunity to deliver an oral presentation on Making Connections Report, if not previously taken or successful (3.5)

Term 3
Completion, editing and publication of 2 writing pieces for the Writing Portfolio Standard (2.4 or 3.4)
Short Written Text study
Mock School Examination on Short Written Text study

Term 4
Revision and External Examination on the Short Written Text (3.1)

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