Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mrs M. Loh

Recommended Prior Learning

English is not the student's first language.

This course forms the second part of a two year programme for those students who were in 12ESL in the previous year.

The course offers the opportunity to extend skills of academic reading, writing, speaking, listening as well as study skills in the NZ school context. Students are given the opportunity to achieve Level 2 (UE) Literacy credits. In addition, students who achieve all the assessment standards in the Year 12 and 13 courses will be able to meet the Academic English Language Requirement (AELR) for the University of Auckland.

Course Overview

Term 1
The programme is a topics-based language course which focusses on Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing skills with an emphasis on grammar and vocabulary.

Bullying: Reading of research on the issue of bullying

Term 2
Bullying: Research report writing

Term 3
Short Story (AS91098)

Term 4
Short Story (AS91098)

Learning Areas:


Assessment Policy & Procedures