13 Travel & Tourism

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Ms L. Robinson

Tourism has suffered a setback in recent times but it is poised to become a booming and more resilient industry in New Zealand once more. The Travel and Tourism industry will need numerous workers again in the near future and there are tremendous opportunities available for young people. 

Students will gain an insight into this industry both in New Zealand and around the world.
The 13 Travel and Tourism course is for students with an interest in world travel or are
considering working in the tourist industry sometime in the future. As an industry based subject, Travel and Tourism is ideal for those students who appreciate working at their own pace with one on one teacher guidance.

The course provides up to 23 unit standard credits for NCEA. (US 1307 and US 24725 optional)

This 13TRT course is open to all students but 13TRT students must be willing and able to work independently.

Tourism is a booming industry in New Zealand and, consequently, it plays an important role in the economy.

Learning Areas:

Social Sciences

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