10 Physical Education and Health

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Ms C. McConachie

The Health and Physical Education Programme at Year 10 focuses on the concept of total well-being. Through learning in this learning area students will gain the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

Through the Health Programme students will explore Body Image, Sexuality Education, Careers, Drugs and Keeping Ourselves Safe.

In the Physical Education Programme there are a range of compulsory aspects that students participate in. These include Gymnastics and Dance, Athletics, Aquatics (Stroke development and Surf Survival) and a range of team and individual sports. Attending Year 10 camp is optional but highly recommended.

Throughout both Health and Physical Education students will be encouraged to recognise the importance of working with people and learning skills and strategies to maintain and enhance those relationships. There is also a strong emphasis on participation and lifelong learning.

At Year 10 students have 2 periods of Physical Education a week and 1 period of Health.


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We aim to enable every student to have the course that they prefer, however, some courses have limited places or pre-requisits that may restrict the student's choice.

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