Physical Education & Health

A variety of courses in this learning area provide students with the opportunity to develop a broader understanding of the body in relation to physical activity, develop physical skills through practical participation, promote physical activity, and equip students with the necessary life skills for the future. The courses will also encourage students to look critically at dilemmas and ethical issues that operate in our society.

Health and Physical Education share a combined curriculum which addresses the critical health and physical education issues facing our young people.

  • Through learning in this curriculum, students will gain the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. They will develop motivation to make informed decisions and to act in ways that contribute to the well being of themselves, others and society. 
  • Students will take increasing responsibility for their own health and will learn movement skills in a wide range of contexts.
  • Health and PE is a compulsory subject for all students from Year 9 - Year 12, additionally it can be taken as an option in Year 11, 12 and 13.