10 Spanish

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mrs K. Torrealba

This course has a strong communicative focus and it also covers Spanish language and grammar, as well as Hispanic culture. By the end of the year students will be able to

  • talk about their own interests,
  • describe a past holiday,
  • make plans for the weekend,
  • order a meal in a restaurant and talk about their eating habits,
  • discuss their fashion preferences
  • and give a virtual tour around Barcelona.

10SPA builds on the Year 9 course and deepens understanding of the Spanish language through online tools, speaking activities, games, cultural projects and access to real materials. Highlights of the course include videoing your own cooking masterclass in Spanish and planning a trip to a Hispanic destination.

Work opportunities worldwide are enhanced by the study of Spanish. It is the chosen second language of many people in the world and native speakers number well over 425 million in more than 23 countries. Spanish is spoken by a third of the world’s population in all corners of the globe. It is essential for travel, exchanges and work opportunities in Latin America, Spain and many parts of the United States. It is one of the official languages of the United Nations.

Course Costs and Equipment/ Stationery requirements

Optional but highly recommended: $5.00 for Spanish treat during the year, $12.00 Workbook, $50 Education Perfect (this is a single charge for all languages, Science and Maths)

Students must also purchase a 1 3B1 notebook (optional), 1 1B8 exercise book and 1 40 page clearfile

Recommended Prior Learning

Year 9 Spanish or equivalent.


Useful Links


We aim to enable every student to have the course that they prefer, however, some courses have limited places or pre-requisits that may restrict the student's choice.

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