10 Philosophy

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Dr C. Gavin


In the year 10 Philosophy Course students will participate in fun collaborative activities and have the opportunity to be curious and compassionate learners through discursive activities. Students are encouraged to value their thinking and reflect upon their argument making processes.



  • Provoke critical and creative thinking skills

  • Promote collaboration and articulate thinking

  • Develop positive attitudes towards curiosity and creative thought processes

Topics covered:

  • History of Ideas

  • Ethical Theories and their application

  • Logic and argumentation

  • Political Philosophy and social justice

  • Beauty and aesthetics

Students will have the opportunity to take a leadership role in the EGGS Philosophy day facilitating activities and discussions.

The thinking and collaborative skills that students develop are of value across the curriculum, outside the classroom and across their communities.

Course Overview

Term 1
1. Thinking Skills - Questions and reason giving, community of inquiry, critical and creative thinking.

2. Good Life and Ethical theories - Different perspectives, dilemmas

Term 2
1. Applied Ethics - medical, animal and environment
2. Logic - Argument structure, validity, fallacies

Term 3
1. Political Philosophy - human nature and social contracts, cultural relativism, inequality

Term 4
1. Big Ideas - Great thinkers' ideas. Preparation of activities for Philosophy Day.
2. Aesthetics - Art, beauty standards and social media.

Learning Areas:

Learning Centre

Assessment Policy & Procedures

11 Philosophy

Develops key skills required in all learning, across school and life contexts.

Assessment Information Students are assessed against the NZ Curriculum levels.
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