10 Textiles & Design (full year option)

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Ms H. Huitema

Course Objectives:

  • To give students the opportunity to work with a range of fabrics through the production of a variety of products.
  • To give students an understanding of the fundamentals of fashion design.
  • To give students a broad understanding of societal aspects of the fashion industry.
  • To help prepare students for Year 11 Textiles and Design.

Techniques covered:

  • Colour and design elements re clothing/designing.
  • Applied design- free embroidery, applique, screen- printing, textiles techniques
  • Fabrics - their performance, suitable use and care.
  • The fashion industry – the good and the bad.

Course Overview

Term 1
Patterns and woven fabrics- Students will create a circle skirt pattern and construct a skirt using this pattern- this may be a layered skirt, a rah-rah skirt and may be any length of the student’s choosing

Term 2
Hoodie Design- students will sketch. design and make a hoodie from knit fabric based on the class pattern.

Term 3
Fashion Store- In groups and as a collaboration with year 10 Spatial students will design a Fashion store and create a mini- range for this store

Term 4
Charity Project- students will design and create a textiles gift using applied designs for Foster Care christmas gifts.


11 Textiles & Design

This subject continues into Years 11, 12 and 13.