11 Food Technology

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Miss S. Brooks

Food Technology helps students to acquire the skills and knowledge used in the field of Nutrition, Dietetics, Food Technology, Food Science, Product Design and Hospitality. 

The course has two main areas of learning:

PROCESSING: Students learn a range of processing techniques to process a food product. These include base testing and trialling, ingredient experimentation and health and safety. 

BRIEF: Students explore a teacher directed context and issue. A need or opportunity is chosen from carrying out indepth research within the context. Students will seek feedback from stakeholders to develop a product. 

Course content: Students will complete 3 projects during the year including:

  • Food Fair - Students will design a food product for our school Food Fair. 
  • Pack My Snack - Students will create a healthy snack and sustainable  package. 
  • Brunch - Students will develop and produce a brunch dish for a local cafe.

Students with known food allergies will need to discuss with the HOD an action plan for managing this in class before taking part in any practical lessons.

NCEA Standard assessed: All relevant skills and knowledge will be covered in class in units one and two. Students will compile a portfolio of work which will be formatively assessed throughout this time. Students will then complete a 12 week project around the context of a cafe brunch menu. Students will be guided to choose one assessment from the two offered that best match their strengths to be their formal summative assessment for the year. Students will be assessed against ONE of the standards.

Learning Areas:


Assessment Policy & Procedures

12 Food Technology

Year 12 and 13 Food Technology and Hospitality.
Food Technology is a useful subject to take for students wishing to pursue a career in the food industry in many areas such as food research and development, nutrition or in hospitality, catering and restaurant businesses. Many New Zealand Universities offer tertiary courses in Food Technology and Nutrition and other tertiary institutions offer a large range of Hospitality courses.

Course Costs and Equipment/ Stationery requirements

We would like to provide extra ingredients to enhance learning and we encourage a voluntary payment of $80 to cover these. Students will get to consume or take away the items they produce.

Students will also need to maintain credit on their print account during the year to support this course and it is strongly advised that students have their own container weekly for practical lessons.

Pathway Tags

Food Research and Development, Food Technologist, Nutrition, Hospitality, Teaching

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