11 Textiles & Design

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Ms V. Lynskey

Over the course of the Year students will continue building on the skills and knowledge they have developed in Year 10 with: Fashion illustration and communication, fabric manipulation and textiles design using print and applied design techniques, pattern adaptations and constructions skills to manufacture own designs, further knowledge in sustainability and contemporary trends in fashion and apparel in a local and global context.

Course Overview

Term 1
1. Deconstruct to Reconstruct- –sustainability project repurposing a linen garment into a drawstring bag to store own practical work in Textiles. Embellish with personal ID. An opportunity to refresh skills form Year 10 and those new to Textiles, explore environmental considerations within the the wider context of fast fashion...
2. Bucket Hat Co-lab - research designers/contemporary fashion labels to design a bucket hat as a 'co-lab' with a chosen existing designer. Build on screen printing techniques to change the appearance of existing fabric and learn new techniques and processes in construction. This will extend into the beginning of Term 2.

Term 2
Later In Term two students will begin ‘Go Your Own Way’ Based on a design movement or 'theme' students will build a small collection of ideas from which they will manufacture one garment. They will develop pattern making and construction skills through production of their own designs and will be assessed on one Achievement Standard from the list below. The Achievement Standard chosen will be negotiated with the student.

Term 3
Continuing with 'Go Your Own Way'

Term 4
In Term four students will identify which Textiles gifts they could produce for a chosen charity. This may be a group or individual project.

Learning Areas:


Assessment Policy & Procedures

12 Textiles & Design

Year 12 and 13 Textiles and Design. Tertiary courses at AUT, Whitecliffe, NZ Fashion Tech, Massey University, Otago University. Textiles and Fashion industry.

Course Costs and Equipment/ Stationery requirements

Provision of own fabric and pattern

Pathway Tags

Fashion and apparel design, textiles and fabric design, costume, film and theatre design, garment and manufacturing production, styling, buying and merchandising, in-house graphic design...

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