11 Writing for Publication

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Ms A. Stringer

Recommended Prior Learning

This is an extension course to develop confident and competent writing skills. Entry requirements: student interest and teacher referral.

This is an advanced writing course which builds on student competence and confidence in poetic, fiction, and non-fiction writing. You should enjoy writing and have a good command of language to succeed in this course. You will develop creative potential through:

  • writing and reading across a wide range of genres
  • understanding and control of language in a range of styles
  • awareness of audience
  • a portfolio of writing
  • confidence in presenting your writing orally to an audience

The course will cover:

Introduction to poetry and prose, non-fiction writing and writing for the media, developing writing skills through to publication standard, introduction to peer editing workshops.

Future Areas of interest and study: journalism, media studies, communications, law, arts or any other career requiring creative thinking and competent writing skills.

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