12 English

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mrs A. Vaughan

Recommended Prior Learning

Completion of Year 11 English to a satisfactory standard. Students who are concerned about their progress in Year 11 English should discuss the options of English Foundation or ESOL with their teacher or the TiC.

The Year 12 English course is designed to strengthen analytical skills developed in previous years. The course will have a particular focus on developing critical literacy skills as well as the study of language and a range of literary texts: short, extended and visual.

The UE literacy and Auckland University literacy requirements can be met through success in this course. However students should be aware that they will need to attempt and pass both external standards to meet the reading requirement.

Course Overview

Term 1
Students will:
study a visual text and at least one short text
draft a piece of portfolio writing
complete a close viewing assessment

Term 2
Students will:
complete an oral presentation assessment
study an extended written text
draft a piece of portfolio writing
learn how to analyse unfamiliar texts

Term 3
Students will:
select, edit and publish their writing portfolio for assessment
study a selection of short texts
practise how to analyse unfamiliar texts
revise prior learning and sit a practice examination

Term 4
Students will revise and prepare for external examinations.

Learning Areas:


Assessment Policy & Procedures

13 English, 13 English (Foundation), 13 English Shakespeare

This course will encourage a life-long interest in literature and language through an analytical approach to classic and contemporary texts. Students will develop their communication, critical thinking and organisational skills, all of which are required in most university courses and valued in a wide variety of careers.