13 French

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Miss T. Clarke

Recommended Prior Learning

Year 12 French or equivalent (first half of B1 level on the Common European Framework for Languages).

Year 13 French

Year 13 is all about justifying and challenging ideas and opinions, and looking at world issues.

In Year 13, we…

  • learn one common French expression every week. e.g. « Se noyer dans un verre d'eau. »
  • regularly read the news in French.
  • continue with French Fridays.
  • produce marketing videos about helping the environment.
  • have a debate around the best form of renewable energy.
  • read a famous French book.
  • have a high enough level of French to write essays and formal letters in French.
  • increase our knowledge of tenses from 10 to 26! (Don't worry, it's much easier than it sounds.)
  • have the opportunity to either take B1 DELF or B2 DELF. B1 is the level required to gain French citizenship and B2 to attend university in France.
  • become more knowledgeable about the world.
  • have 10 fortnightly vocabulary lists. By the end of the year, we will know over 1400 words.
  • learn about issues in the French-speaking world and consider how we can help improve the world.
  • have the opportunity to sit Scholarship French.
  • read French poems and fables.
  • research topics that may or may not challenge our opinions.
  • take a trip to a French café in Newmarket.
  • and tearfully say goodbye to each other in November after 5 years journeying together.

Se noyer dans un verre d'eau

Our topics in Year 13 are:

- Poems and Fables by Jacques Prévert and Jean de La Fontaine.

- The Environment - different types of pollution, small actions to improve it, renewable energy.

- Le Petit Prince by de Saint-Exupéry.

- Immigration and Discrimination - diversity in France, Maghreb migration movements, the Roms, racism and discrimination in the world, in NZ and personal experiences of it.

- Current Events - in France and in the world.

An example of a Year 13 interaction:

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Assessment Policy & Procedures
Course Costs and Equipment/ Stationery requirements

Education Perfect: $23. Our online vocabulary learning tool, is optional, but highly recommended. This is one charge for all languages.

Renash Level 3: $22. This is a book that contains vocabulary and grammar that links to the Year 13 programme. It is a useful tool during writing assessments. This is optional, but recommended.

Description Type Value
Renash Level 3 Voluntary $22.00
Education Perfect Voluntary $23.00

Pathway Tags

Travel and Tourism, Business, Communications, Actor, Historian, Foreign Policy Officer, Teacher, Immigration Officer, Translator, Intelligence Officer, Interpreter, NGO, United Nations, Journalism, Historian, Flight Attendant, Technical Writer, Editor, Medicine, Engineering, Doctor, Nurse, Social worker

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