9 Mathematics

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr T. Lin

In Year 9 Mathematics, students will learn to solve problems in a range of mathematical contexts, including Number, Algebra, Geometry, Measurement and Statistics. We aim for students to achieve both procedural fluency and relational understanding of mathematical concepts, to become flexible mathematical thinkers and problem solvers.

Most students will be in mixed-ability classes, but we also have some small supportive classes for students who find mathematics challenging and some larger classes for students who would benefit from additional extension opportunities.

Students are assessed using topic tests and assignments, and an end-of-year common assessment task on all topics learned during the year.

Learning Areas:


Assessment Policy & Procedures

10 Mathematics

Course Costs and Equipment/ Stationery requirements

Casio graphics calculator ($180 new, but an older model is fine). In year 9, students can use any calculator that does powers and square roots, but we recommend that they buy the Casio graphics calculator which will be required from year 10 onwards.

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We aim to enable every student to have the course that they prefer, however, some courses have limited places or pre-requisits that may restrict the student's choice.