10 Latin

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Teacher in Charge: Ms P. Wright

Recommended Prior Learning

Year 9 Latin. 

Exceptions can be made but this would require independent holiday study. Please see Ms Wright or Ms Mayes about this possibility. 

If you choose to take Latin in Year 10 you have a fascinating and rewarding year ahead of you! Come to class to continue your epic journey to distant lands like Egypt and Britain.

In Year 10 you will follow the travels of Quintus around the Roman Empire following the deadly eruption of Mt Vesuvius. You will continue to focus on Latin language, consolidating your knowledge from Year 9 and then extending your knowledge of vocabulary and grammar. You will learn more about the incredible influence of Latin on the English language and on the heritage of the West. As Quintus travels you will learn all about life in the Roman province of Britain, the British queen Boudicca, and King Cogidubnus and his magnificent palace at Fishbourne. Then the story moves to the ancient civilization of Egypt where you will explore the incredible city of Alexandria, Egyptian religion including the worship of the goddess Isis, ancient science and medicine.

You will continue to develop skills in these key areas which form the basis of our classes:

Translation and comprehension: further develop your skills in reading passages of more complex Latin.

Vocabulary and derivatives: recognise a wider range of Latin words and identify the relationship between English and Latin words.

Grammar: recognise increasingly complex grammatical concepts, and make links with English grammar.

Mores Romani: develop further understanding of Roman social life and culture and an appreciation of the contribution of Roman civilization to our own life, language, attitudes and customs in the 21st century.

There will be an opportunity for all students to enter the American National Latin Exam in March 2022.

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Highly recommended: $23.00 Education Perfect subscription (one charge for all languages)

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Education Perfect Voluntary $23.00

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Journalism, Public Relations, Advertising, Marketing, Foreign Affairs, Teaching, Archaeology, Librarianship, Gallery or Museum Curation

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