12 Chinese Heritage Language

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Ms M. Lin

Recommended Prior Learning

This course is for students with prior first language experience to consolidate their prior learning; further develop and gain credit for their proficiency.

Course Content:

In Year 12 Chinese Heritage Language, you consolidate your abilities using practical, transactional language to communicate information and ideas and further develop your skills using the more abstract language to express and justify your opinions. The main idea at this level is Youth Matters. We will use a variety of texts and online resources. Topics include:

  • Study & Career Plans
  • Festivals & Customs
  • Leisure activities & Healthy living
  • Part-time work & Social network
  • The world of youth

Learning Areas:


Assessment Policy & Procedures

13 Chinese Heritage Language

Continued study in Year 13 and university. Mandarin Chinese is university entrance accredited subject, and is also offered by all major New Zealand universities. HSK Chinese Proficiency Exam; exchange and scholarship opportunities. Here's just a few of many Chinese career opportunities that await you!!
Research analyst (someone can help companies to make better business decisions for their Asian/Chinese market), global marketing specialist, government agent (with more than 300,000 Chinese migrants in NZ, our government needs you), Chinese teacher, ESOL teacher (you can teach both in non-English speaking countries as well as in English speaking countries), translator, interpreter, cultural promoter. Mandarin Chinese is a great language to learn that will open the doors to a world of opportunities.