Year 9 Option Selections

Every Year 9 student will study Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, English, Core Art, Core Drama, Core Music, Health, Physical Education and Technology and a Language.  You also choose two other options.   

Please note: You do not need to select the core subjects as they will automatically be added to your timetable.

Go to the "Learning Areas" page to see more information about the different options.  There are two option selection pages for you to visit here.    To help you make your choices you can favourite a selection so it puts it aside for you to make your choices later, you will need to talk to your parents to help you make the selections.  

  • You must select at least one (1) language from the "Full Year Language Courses" page and up to two (2) courses from the "Half Year Option Courses" page.  
  • You are able to select two language courses if you wish, but this will take the place of the half year options.
  • Make sure you include some back ups too in case the choices you want are not available.

Once you have made your choices or added some to favourites you can go to "My Selected Courses" to see what you have chosen.  If you want to remove a choice or move it from favourites to your selected list it is easy to do so, just follow the prompts on the page.

There are six (6) Languages to choose from: 

  • Te Reo Māori, Chinese as a Second language, French, Japanese, Latin, and Spanish.

There are six (6) half year options to choose from:

  • Art, Business, Digital Technology, Media Studies, Music, and Philosophy.

Check out the other Useful Information Pages in the menu on the left for FAQs

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