Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


If my friend and I choose the same options, would we be in the same class?

It is unlikely, as there are 400 students in Year 9 with different option choices and learning needs to accommodate in the timetable. Also, the half year options are spread over the year. The order in which you do these is random, so students with the same option choices will not always do them at the same time. However, there will be opportunities to meet your friends at break times and you will make new friends.


How will I know what the subjects mean?

You can access via the school portal which provides information about all the subjects in Year 9. Before you complete your selection, it is really important that you and your parents review this information and discuss your option choices.


Can I take up a new language after Year 9?

Not unless you have prior knowledge of the language. That is why it is important to choose carefully and also consider taking two languages if there are two you like.


Do I need to have taken the language in Year 8 to be able to choose it for Year 9? 

No, the language courses are designed to accommodate a diverse range of students.


For half year options, how will I know when I will be taking them?

You will know which one you will do first when you see your timetable at the beginning of the year. 


Why do I need to choose back up subjects?

Usually students will get their first choice. Sometimes there are timetable clashes or limited availability. When a placement is made in a half year literacy programme, only one half year course can be allocated.   


When will I get a clear outline of the subjects I will take?

Your compulsory subjects are explained on Schoolpoint. Your option choices will be confirmed with you at the pre-enrolment meeting. The Dean will contact you if any changes are required. At the beginning of the year, every student is issued with a weekly timetable which shows her subjects and classrooms.  This will be explained to you by your Tutor Teacher as part of your orientation.


Do I have to do a subject in Year 9 if I want to do it in Year 10?

This is a general rule for languages unless you have prior knowledge. Usually students will be able to choose from the full range of Year 10 options.  


Will I be able to do any combination of Languages if I select a second Language?

While we will endeavour to provide students with the Languages of their choice, in some instances particular combinations of subjects are not available due to staffing and subject numbers. In this instance, students will be notified and asked to make another choice. 

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